Either Way...We're Gonna Have a Party...

The annual Burning Man Festival that takes place each August 120 miles North-East of Reno, N.V. is a place of reverence to it's global followers - it has been the Beginning & Ending of many thousands of relationships over it's twenty-seven year history.  The Burn experience can be the Best of Times or The Worst of Times for those that pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert.

BRC Weddings & Divorces was created to cater to both sides of the isle; you never know what can and will happen On-Playa and what happens @ Burning Man rarely stays at Burning Man.  You could meet your soul mate or just be done and finished with an already broken relationship. Because of the challenges of survival camping, coupled with the sexually permissive & pervasive space of Black Rock City, conjoined with the constant party atmosphere, all attendees are advised to read the advice given in the Relationship Survival Guide - But even that is no guarantee of a Happy Ending or a HAPPY ENDING!!

"There is magic in getting married within the gates of BRC - we provide a place to also celebrate divorces with the same respect" says ScottoBobScotto, CEO of BRC Weddings and Divorces.  "The 'Either Way...We're Gonna Have a Party' byline is not just our personality it is our distinction", continues ScottoBobScotto.

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